Designed for arrangement and technical support works during exploitation of offshore oil and gas fields:

  • inspection and maintenance of subsea offshore structures;
  • inspection and maintenance of pipes;

  • service of subsea oil field equipment;
  • installation of structures on seabed; mounting of subsea equipment;
  • geological engineering survey;
  • sea bed exploration;
  • hydro-meteorological survey.

The vessel can also be used for rendering assistance to submarines in distress.

Vessel class

RMRS: KM ✪ Arc 5 [1] AUT1 DYNPOS-2 EPP Special purpose ship


Length 108,1 m
Beam 17,8 m
Draught 5 m
Deadweight 1371 t
Speed 15 knots
Range 6000 nm
Endurance 40 days
Crew 36 persons
Main power plant 4×2610 kW