The icebreaking capability of the vessel is extremely high; it is able to operate independently in ice up to 1.7 meter thick.


Designed for supplying the gas production platform and protecting it from the ice.

Vessel class

DNV: +1A1 Icebreaker ICE-10, Offshore service vessel, supply, SF, DK(+), HL(2.0), DYNPOS-AUT, E0, TUG, DE-ICE, BIS, FIREFIGHTER 1, STANDBY VESSEL (195), NAUT-OC, OILREC, CLEAN, DAT (-35), COMF-C(3)


Length 99,2 m
Beam 21,7 m
Draught 7,6 m
Deadweight 3950 t
Speed 15 knots
Speed at 1.5 m level ice 3 knots
Cargo deck 700 m2
Endurance 30 days
Crew 24 + 26 persons
Main power plant 2×6000, 2×3000 kW