Innovative development

On June 29, 2011, the Board of Directors of JSC USC approved the USC Innovative Development Program for 2011-2015 and through 2020.

The USC Innovative Development Strategy, as the intention to compete through high technologies, is focused on building new generation marine equipment for ocean research, continental shelf exploration and develop-ment, new marine transportation system development

Innovative development goals

Primary USC innovative development goals are:

  • ­reduce production costs;
  • ­o ptimize the organizational and technical structure of production facilities;
  • ­avoid regional duplication of production facilities;
  • ­increase the level of cooperation;
  • establish specialized high-performance resource-saving facilities (hull plating, assembly and weld-ing, painting, plumbers, erection & acceptance shops);
  • ­ introduce modern information technologies based on enterprise networks in order to automate the design, production planning and production processes, resource management and product mainte-nance organization throughout all life cycle phases;
  • ­­ carry out re-equipment of production capacities at the Corporation’s enterprises;
  • ­increase energy efficiency and environmental safety of facilities;
  • ­conduct training.

The USC innovative development goals will be attained through implementing the comprehensive measures defined in the Program and focused on achieving key performance indicators for innovative development.

Innovative development activities

Key activities identified in the Innovative Development Program:

  • ­developing strategic technologies;
  • e­­stablishing the Centers of Competence;
  • e­stablishing new shipbuilding capacities;
  • ­upgrading production facilities;
  • ­information technology development;
  • interaction with technology platforms;
  • ­interaction with higher educational institutions;
  • ­interaction with small and medium innovative business;
  • ­enhancing foreign economic cooperation.

Expected results of innovative development by 2020

Implementing the Program’s innovative activities by 2020 will ensure:

  • Sales growth – over 200 billion rubles;
  • ­­­ Reduction of man-hours per ton of metal work – to 70 hour/ton;
  • ­­­ Work cost reduction – up to 70%;
  • ­ R&D investment as the share of sales - up to 0.3%
  • ­ Target training financing - 40,000,000 rubles;
  • ­ Reduction in electrical energy consumption per ruble of sales - less than 0.0025 kWh;
  • ­ Reduction in thermal energy consumption per ruble of sales - less than 0.007 MCal.

Main directions of innovative development

The main directions of USC innovative development are:

  • ­ Ocean Development technology platform;
  • ­ Technological modernization of production facilities;
  • ­ Establishing new production facilities;
  • ­ Innovative producton.