Strength and power at sea

Chief executive officer

The United Shipbuilding Corporation is the largest shipbuilding holding company in Russia and Eastern Europe. The company has consolidated almost all of the Russian design bureaus and 80% of the domestic shipbuilding capacity. Today, our Corporation is one of the few in the world supplying the market with the entire range of naval hardware, from fast patrol and multifunctional craft to nuclear-powered submarines and aircraft-carrying ships.

Relying on the advanced design centers, recognized schools of thought and strong engineering traditions, USC keeps up with all the innovative trends in shipbuilding technology and actively undertakes a number of advanced developments efforts.

USC’s products are in high demand in the world. Moreover, in addition to the traditional supply of naval equipment, the Corporation’s package of export proposals includes ample opportunities for science and technology cooperation with leading design organizations, services and technical assistance in construction at the customer’s shipyards.

Almost all of warships being built and developed for the Russian Navy and foreign customers are the result of efforts made by USC’s design bureaus. Furthermore, our naval equipment and weapons are traditionally distinguished by high reliability combined with combat effectiveness, ease of maintenance and operation economy.

Along with the strict implementation of State Defense Order for Russia’s Ministry of Defense and export orders under military-technical cooperation contracts, the Corporation is building a modern civilian fleet for operations at sea, offshore and on inland waterways.

The major industrial challenge facing USC in the civil shipbuilding area is to meet the needs of domestic companies for icebreakers, transport, research, rescue and auxiliary vessels, as well as a wide range of marine equipment for offshore field development.

Our main goal is to build a full-fledged management company on the basis of the United Shipbuilding Corporation, which will be the center of making major decisions in the industry. We are on the way to centralize a number of key functions: financial management, human recources management, logistics, capital construction, engineering, etc. The objective is to establish a smoothly and effectively operating mechanism from relatively isolated businesses that have been quite successfully integrated under the USC brand.

And, of course, we are always open to the widest possible cooperation to implement our primary mission – to build a fleet of the strong country!

Alexei Rakhmanov,
Chief executive officer of USC